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Tibialis Posterior

The tibialis posterior is an important lower leg stabilizer and helps support your arch.  It's also the only muscle that is on for the entire gait cycle.  Show it some love!

The first thing you'll want to do is build an arch in your foot. So think about the foot “tripod”. Your three points of contact with the ground are your heel, the ball of your big toe, and the ball of your little toe.

You can also try to collapse your foot with your hand, and then resist against that. That will help build a good arch and good structure in your foot.

The next step is to hold onto a wall and bring your opposite leg across. You can have a slight bend in the stance knee. Think of a headlight on the stance kneecap and make sure it always faces the wall. The knee should not be flopping around.

Focus on good foot structure, and good knee alignment. And then bring the opposite leg across.

Once you have that pattern grooved in, as you come across, you'll come up onto the balls of your feet. So the ball of the big toe, the ball of the little toe will be in contact with the ground. This will help strengthen your tibialis posterior.

If you want to work with trainers that understand the nuances of movement and can help give you simple cues to guide you into efficient, strong movement, come check out Square One Fitness today.

We are super excited to work with you!

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