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Corporate Wellness Classes


What are the benefits of having Square One Fitness come to your office?

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Keep it Moving

By learning active sitting, employees will experience increased blood flow, using little stabilizer muscles and keeping their circulation going. In other words, they will learn how to energize their bodies, even if doing passive work.

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Less Pain, More Productivity

It’s hard to focus when your neck is aching, your back is burning, and your head is throbbing. By learning how to sit, stand, and move more efficiently, pain is reduced and people can focus on their work.


Healthy Habits

Jump Start Fitness

This isn’t a workout class.  It’s a class that teaches people HOW to move well, HOW to keep active throughout the day, and HOW to workout properly if they want to amp it up later with a more intense fitness program.



Brain Booster

Give this simple experiment a try.  Sit up with good posture and take a deep breath in through your nose.  Now slouch and let your back collapse, your shoulders roll inward, and your head drift forward. Try a deep breath now.  How was it?  Think your brain might appreciate a bit more oxygen during the day?



Better Structure, Less Stress

Everyone knows what trauma is: falling off a ladder, lifting a heavy box at the wrong angle, or tripping over a curb.  But what about micro-trauma? Sitting for long periods of time or performing small repetitive motions can put stress on muscles and joints. There are simple ways to counteract this stress.



Less pain, more focus,

increased energy

Keep your employees happy by helping them feel better throughout the day with engaged bodies and relaxed minds.

“Breathe-Stabilize-Move” is a four-week workshop that meets for an hour each week.  Each class builds on the last and participants will be given videos to allow them to practice their new skills between classes.

Topics Include:

• Breathing for stabilization
• Movement patterns for whole body awareness
• Back and shoulder activation
• Active sitting skills
• Effortless posture

Classes For:

• engaging, interactive, and good team building
• offered on-site at your business
• taught in groups of 8 for individual attention
• available during lunchtime or after work (or whenever works best for you)


Just $465 for the four hours of instruction. The information is presented in a series of 4 one-hour classes.
Participants limited to 10 for individualized attention.
Travel time may be an additional charged depending on your business location.  
Discounts may be available for long-term or multi-workshop commitments.


This workshop is an excellent bridge for employees who want to be more active, but aren’t sure where to start (or would be intimidated by boot camps or gyms). After employees complete this workshop, expect to see increased enrollment in more vigorous activity programs, as participants will have gained confidence in both body awareness and proper movement patterns.

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