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Theraband Posture Break

A simple exercise that you can do multiple times per day!  Make it fun with some music!

Sitting at a desk all day?  Every 20 minutes you should get up and move around. An easy way to build strength and increase blood flow is to take a little stretchy Theraband (optional) and just start moving around. It's that simple. Don't overthink it. Just what feels good? Where do you need movement?  

If you want to make it fun, you can put on some music and have a little 30-second dance party. 

Don't worry if you don't have a lot of shoulder mobility and you're sort of in the T-Rex ranges. That's fine. Just get some movement, especially movement into the extension range. 

You can also just pretend that you're doing a backstroke in the pool. Whatever you've got to start to bring motion to your back is going to feel fabulous and help you get through the day.

And, you don’t need a Theraband to do these movements, so no excuses!  Your body craves movement so please don’t starve it!

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