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Shoulder Fitness Workshop


 Shoulder Workshop / Fall 2021

The shoulder joint is a complex and elegantly designed joint.  A perfectly tuned blend of mobility and stability.

It can also be a bit sassy.  If things aren’t “just so”, it can start to let you know, not just with shoulder symptoms, but with upper back, neck, arm, and hand symptoms as well. 

Let’s unravel the mysteries of the shoulder, so that you have a solid understanding of the anatomy involved, as well as what postures and positions the shoulder is craving in order to perform its best!

This workshop is organized into three modules

Shoulder Structure


shoulder joint centration


shoulder strength workout


Class A

This class is taught by Miles Firkins of Somatonaut.  Miles will teach the anatomy of the shoulder through experiential anatomy.  


Experiential anatomy is a simple, practical, hands-on way to learn the names, shapes, and locations of your bones, joints, and tissues.  This is not some dry lecture. It is a method of learning that involves you engaging with your own anatomy through touch and exploration of movement. 

Class B

This class is taught by either Coach Sandra or Dr. Emily and focuses on how to center and stabilize the joint for optimal force generation. There will be education on the anatomy of the rotator cuff, and common issues such as impingement, long head biceps tendon irritation, and pain along the shoulder blade.

Movements will draw from Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and are designed to show you how to create a more productive environment for your shoulder.

Class C

This class is be taught by either Coach Sandra or Dr. Emily and will focus on how to safely build strength in your shoulder.  The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and it relies a lot on proper muscular function to perform its best.cDesk and computer work often create muscles that are tight and contracted, as well as muscles that are stretched too long. Neither of those options allow for proper muscle function. 

Let’s give your shoulders a chance to become the finely tuned champions that they were meant to be!

Class Days and Times

We are trying a new concept with the workshop format. Since some individuals need to hear information a few times to fully own it, and since everyone seems to have a crazy schedule, we are using this format.

The workshop is 6 hours of classes. You can take them in any order you want.  For instance, maybe you’ll do A, B, B, C, A, C.  Or...B, C, C, B, A, C.  You get the idea!  You can repeat the modules you want, and take them in any order.

Classes will be offered Tuesday mornings, Thursday and Friday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday mornings.

YOU decide the order of the classes, as well as the days and times that you’d like the information.

Classes will run from mid-October to mid-November, so you’ll have a full month to absorb and practice the  movements.  This will help your body to  truly “own” the information.


Tuition is $160 for all six hours of class.  

Limited Class Sizes and Availability:

Each individual class size will be limited to 5-8 participants.  

Only 16 students can register, and class days / times are first come / first served.  So, if you are at all interested, now is the time to make it happen!

You can pay and sign up for your class days / times here:

You’ll have to scroll to the week that the classes start (October 16th) to start seeing the available classes. Once you enroll in the first class, you’ll be prompted to pay for the workshop.

how to enroll

Note: you aren’t required to sign up for all 6 days and times at once.
In fact, we recommend you take an A or B to start, then decide which modules you’d like to repeat.

If you want to plan your class days and times, you might find this overview calendar helpful:

Class schedule October
Class Schedule November
The fine print:

No shows, and classes cancelled less than 24 hours before start time, will be deducted from your 6 class pass.  In other words, don’t sign up for classes you can’t attend!  Please save those spots for people with availability.

No credits / discounts / refunds will be given if you can’t find 6 class times that work for your schedule.

Not-so-fine print:

Masks that properly cover both nose and mouth will be required at all times in the building, including bathroom and class times.  If you need a breath of fresh air please feel free to step outside when needed.

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