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Square One Fitness Albuquerque NM

Ready to try a class?

Then hop over to the

schedule page

to pick a class and register. Be sure to pick “trial class” for your discount.

Worried about injury?


Get an evaluation before jumping in!

Then schedule a one-hour fitness assessment appointment with Doc Emily.  She can help assess your current movement abilities, discuss your goals and worries, and help you figure out how to best get you started safely.

Are you a golfer?

Take a comprehensive TPI assessment!

This comprehensive 90-minute evaluation includes a slow-motion swing analysis from two angles and a 16-point movement assessment.  You’ll also be given a free Coach Now account where you can view your swing and access videos of your homework.

Not quite sure? Need more info?

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1020 Coal Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106



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