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Hip / Back / Core / Pelvis Workshop / late Winter 2022

If you have ever said:

  • “I have a weak core.”

  • “My hips are always tight.”

  • “My low back hurts all the time.”

  • “All I did was pick up a paper clip and my back 'went out.’”

  • “My SI joints are always sore.”

  • “My trainer says I have weak glutes.”

Then this is the class for you!

We will cover all these topics, as well as the common myths and misconceptions about what the “core” is, and why folks often have chronic low back pain, tight hips and hamstrings, and “weak” glutes.

In our fitness classes, you’ll learn easy tips and tricks for:

  • Effortless Posture

  • How to sit more actively at your desk

  • Lifting every day weight (bags of groceries, kids, grandkids, bags of dog food, or compost)

This is a movement based class series.  You’ll be learning how to feel the nuances of easy posture and support.  We’ll be building on your movement capacity and strength, no matter what level you are starting from.

This class is designed to change the way you move and feel in your body during your normal daily activities.

Classes are designed to be repeated so that you can actively learn the material.  This isn’t just a quick fly-by firehose of information.  It’s information that you can engage with and feel in your body.

Although Class A, B and C will each be offered four times, no class will be exactly the same.  Classes will evolve based on your questions and experiences.  For instance, Class B may have the same general outline each time, but the class will always be adapted to a person's ability levels and any questions that may arise. We encourage you to repeat these classes, so you’ll learn something new each time!

If you are ready to learn and explore through movement, then please join us as we guide you on this journey!

Each class is 60 minutes.

the letter A in red

Experiential Anatomy


Mile Firkins of Somatonaut

the letter B in red

Foundations of Dynamic Support


Dr. Emily or Coach Sandra

the letter C in red

Expanding on your Central Stability


Dr. Emily or Coach Sandra

Class Days and Times

The workshop is 6 total hours of classes.  You can take those six hours in any order you want.  For instance, maybe you’ll do Class A, B, B, C, A, C.  Or...B, C, C, B, A, C.  You get the idea!   You can repeat the classes you want, in any order you want. There are no rules!

Classes will be offered Tuesday mornings, Tuesday and Friday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday mornings.

YOU decide the order of the classes, as well as the days and times that you’d like the information.

Classes will run from mid January to mid February, so you’ll have a full month to absorb and practice the movements.  This will help your body truly “own” the information.


Tuition is $160 for all six hours of class.  

Limited Class Sizes and Availability:

Each individual class size will be limited to 5-8 participants.  

Only 16 students can register, and class days / times are first come / first served.  So, if you are at all interested, now is the time to make it happen!

You can pay and sign up for your class days / times here:

You’ll have to scroll to the week that the classes start (January 22nd) to start seeing the available classes. Once you enroll in the first class, you’ll be prompted to pay for the workshop.

workout classes schedule

Note: you aren’t required to sign up for all 6 days and times at once.
In fact, we recommend you take an A or B to start, then decide which modules you’d like to repeat.

january class schedule
February class schedule
Feeling Confused?

The variety of class times and the ability to repeat classes is a key benefit of this workshop, but it can make registering seem a bit overwhelming. Don’t stress!  Remember, if you get stuck, just call or e-mail Square One and we can guide you through it.  We don’t want you to miss out on this material because it was too confusing to register. :-)

The fine print:

No shows, and classes cancelled less than 24 hours before start time, will be deducted from your 6 class pass.  In other words, don’t sign up for classes you can’t attend!  Please save those spots for people with availability.

No credits / discounts / refunds will be given if you can’t find 6 class times that work for your schedule.

Not-so-fine print:

Masks that properly cover both nose and mouth will be required at all times in the building, including bathroom and class times. If you need a breath of fresh air, please feel free to step outside when needed!

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