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Easy Seated Posture Break!

Are you looking for a quick posture break at work? 

If you find yourself slouching, a fun way to perk things up is to put your hands on your thighs and start moving your hands back and forth. This is going to start to get a little rotation into your spine. You may also feel that you're naturally sitting just a little bit taller

You can also think about lifting your head like there's a string on top of your head. You can also think about pivoting to look down, rotating around here, which puts length in your neck. 

And then keep going, moving back and forth as you increase the depth of your stretch.  You should feel blood flow increase and your posture getting taller and more relaxed.

Of course, the best thing is just to get up, stretch it out, and walk away for a few minutes! 

At Square One Fitness we focus on getting good rotational movement through our spine. Most of our life we're kind of in this plane here and not a lot in the rotational or transverse plane. That’s why we spend a lot of time in class making sure that you have access to transverse / rotational motion so that you're not putting stress through other parts of your body. 

If you want to work with trainers that understand all of the nuances of good posture and good movement, take a trial class at Square One Fitness. We're excited to work with you!

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