Floor Living

Floor living is a term used to describe spending less time in chairs and more time on the floor.

Most of our day is spent sitting - at the breakfast table, commuting in our cars, working at our desks, and then relaxing in front of the TV.  Even time at the gym is often spent working out on machines while sitting. This can wreak havoc on our bodies.

I'll be summarizing some key concepts and ideas about floor living over the next few weeks.  But, in the meantime, here is a great reading / video list.


First, let's start with Dr. Phillip Beach.  This interview with him really got the wheels turning.  I had heard of this concept here and there, but this was really such a motivating summary:

Beach interview: Stop Chasing Pain Podcast

You can also find good videos of Dr. Beach on YouTube. This is a good sample of what he calls "erectorcises", erecting yourself up off the floor:

2 minute sample Beach erectorcises

If you've got 20 minutes here's a lecture where Dr. Beach discusses the "archetypal postures of repose", embryology, etc.  His book "Muscles and Meridians" seems quite fascinating, but I have yet to read it.

20 minute lecture / archetypal postures of repose

You can learn more about Dr. Beach at his website:

Dr. Phillip Beach website

Here are a couple of blog posts from folks that have taken it further and removed some (or all) of the furniture from their house:

My Healthy Furniture Free Living Room

This site is a gold mine of movement and furniture-free blog posts and ideas. I have a feeling hours could be spent at this site!

Nutritious Movement

This is a blog post written by a local yogi (and a member of the Reclaim Movement Meetup!):

Thinking About Furniture

An excellent book about "standing up to sitting" can be found here:

Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World 
by Kelly Starrett et al. 

This video is an excellent synopsis of all the different ways you can hang out on the floor.  (Warning to vegetarians / you may not like part of this video).

Floor Living and Archetypal Human Postures

Dr. Perry Nickelston, the guy who did the great interview with Dr. Beach, wrote this article about 

Inconvenient Movement

Favorite quote from this post:  "Going to the ground makes you change positions often and keeps your mind alert. Bet you can’t do the same position for long and that’s a good thing."

I'll keep adding articles / videos / book recommendations to this as I continue to delve into floor living.

Oh, and we have started a meetup group called "Reclaim Movement" where we'll be hosting free workshops to explore floor living, both indoors and outdoors. 

Reclaim Movement Meetup