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Floor living is a term used to describe spending less time in chairs and more time on the floor.

Most of our day is spent sitting. We're at the breakfast table, commuting in our cars, working at our desks, or relaxing in front of the TV.  Even time at the gym is often spent working out on machines while sitting. This can wreak havoc on our bodies.

Here are some key concepts and ideas about floor living, including a great reading and video list.

Floor living with laptop

First, let's start with Dr. Phillip Beach.  This interview with him really got the wheels turning.  I had heard of this concept here and there, but this was really such a motivating summary:

You can learn more about Dr. Beach at his website:

Here are a couple of blog posts from people that have taken it further and removed some (or all) of the furniture from their house:

This site is a gold mine of movement and furniture-free blog posts and ideas. I have a feeling hours could be spent at this site!

This is a blog post written by a local yogi (and a member of the Reclaim Movement Meetup!):

An excellent book about "standing up to sitting" can be found here:

Sitting can wreak havoc on your health and not just in the form of minor aches and pains. Recent studies show that too much sitting contributes to a host of diseases—from obesity and diabetes, to cancer and depression. The typical seated office worker suffers from more musculoskeletal injuries than those workers who do daily manual labor. It turns out that sitting is as much an occupational risk as is lifting heavy weights on the job. The facts are in: sitting literally shortens your life. Your chair is your enemy and it is murdering your body.

deskbound book cover

This video is an excellent synopsis of all the different ways you can hang out on the floor.  (Warning to vegetarians / you may not like part of this video).

Dr. Perry Nickelston, the guy who did the great interview with Dr. Beach, wrote this article about 

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