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Fitness Classes at Square One Fitness

Fitness Classes in Albuquerque

Square one fitness - fitness classes in Albuquerque

Small Group Workout Classes

  • Ready for a workout where instructors meet you at your level? 

  • Need to get some exercise but don't know where to start to get a full body workout?

  • Hate the stereotypical gym vibe?

Small Group Fitness Classes in Albuquerque

We are excited to welcome you to our small, customized, and friendly fitness classes. Individual attention and guidance is how we help you become your strong self!


Our friendly and welcoming Foundations of Fitness and Smart Strength classes are customized to meet you at your ability level.

Our classes are tailored to meet our students where they're at – including low-impact exercise for those just starting out.  Whether you're looking for a restorative practice or a full body workout, we have something for everyone!  Plus, small group fitness classes are a great way to keep motivation, since if you miss out, someone is going to notice!  And you won't want to disappoint your new friends!

Square One Fitness is the place to be.  Our students love our location and friendly instructors and get a great workout (all while having fun!)


Not sure where to start?  Get an assessment to determine your current fitness level and we can help place you in a class where you can build up strength and endurance in a safe way. 


At Square one fitness, all of our classes are tailored to each individual's needs and goals. Our instructors will work with you to find the perfect routine that fits your schedule and fitness level.

Ready to take the next step? Give us a call to schedule an assessment today! Or, just jump in and take a trial class.  We look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals!

Fitness Class Workout Schedule and Dumbbell - Square One Fitness Albuquerque
Square One Fitness Workout Classes & Gym Classes in albuquerque

Types of Workout Classes

Foundations of Fitness class

Sometimes getting started (or re-started) with fitness is the hardest part.  If you've decided you're looking for a small group fitness class that will meet you at your fitness level, we're here to help!  Our classes are designed to help people who are just starting out or who are slowed by age or injury.   We'll help you reconnect with your body in a way that is safe, stable, and empowering.

Smart Strength

Have you been there and done that with personal trainers and left still not getting what you wanted?  Has the phrase "no pain, no gain" turned into "all pain, no gain" way too frequently? 

Workouts don't have to be overly intense, or focused on quantity over quality  Training with our Smart Strength class is a fun way to help you move in a way that is supported by your body.  Workouts that help teach your body to build muscle and increase your range in a supported way without setbacks.  Join today and session after session you'll see your body discover its "Smart Strength."

Not your typical gym - no gym bros in our workout classes

Not your typical Gym, bro...

If the thought of going to typical gyms to get a workout is your worst nightmare, we don't blame you. With their loud gym bro grunts and clanging - music so loud you feel like you're out at the clubs, incessant preening in front of the mirrors, and the only "class" is a large scale "boot camp."

We're not that kind of workout facility.  Our Fitness Studio space is warm and inviting, with calm and soothing wood tones and bright supportive energy.  Our instructors are warm, knowledgeable, and friendly, and will be happy to welcome you in and show you the ropes. 

Ready to give it a try? Give us a call today and join one of our fitness classes! We look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals and showing you how we're different (and better) than the competition.

Group Fitness Classes designed by a Doctor (Doc Emily)

Dr Emily Blair - Doc Emily at Square one Fitness in Albuquerque

Some personal trainers are awesome and have a wealth of knowledge, but sadly, many don't have enough knowledge to keep you safe.  Our classes were designed by Doc Emily, which means not only are you getting a great workout, but the individual feedback you'd get in a small group fitness class will come from someone who knows, studies, and works with the body on a daily basis.

Sure that sounds great, but you might be thinking, what about the money? Wouldn't that cost more than a typical personal trainer?  Nope!


While many personal trainers can be expensive at $75 or more per session PLUS gym membership fees, our classes are moderately priced at $36-65 per session.  It's a rare combination of better AND more budget-friendly! This is by far the best value in town!

Square One Fitness is warm and inviting for small workout classes in albuquerque

Trial Classes

Still on the fence?  Then why not take a trial class? Hop on over to our schedule page to see our classes each week and register for a class, just make sure to pick "trial class" for your discount! 

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