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Clean Gym - Covid Safe Gym


Trained in Covid Safe Practices - NM Safe Certified Seal

At Square One Fitness, we take your health seriously.

Let us walk you through the steps we take to keep you as safe as possible:

Hand Sanatizer - Covid safe gym
Hand sanitizer upon entry. Also, our bathrooms have touchless soap dispensers, touchless towel dispensers, and touchless faucets.
Each student has their own “fitness station” during class. Each station is 10 feet apart.
Cleaning products - clean gym albuquerque
With four students and a trainer, we are still operating at only 20% of the maximum capacity of the room.
All equipment provided for class stays at your station and is used only by you during the entire class. Each mat and piece of equipment is sanitized after use.
Clean and covid safe gym space
The room is large and has a newer HVAC system. In the milder months, the front door is left open. We also have HEPA filters with UV lights at each end of the space.
It’s important to note that our classes are not heavy on cardio. We focus more on strength and quality of movement, so there are not a lot of heavy exhalations happening during class.
Air Filters - covid safe gym albuquerque
Gym where masks are required albuquerque
We no longer require masks in the fitness area of the building.  However, we welcome folks to continue to wear masks, and our trainers are always happy to mask up upon request.   If you are actively coughing or sneezing we will provide you with a mask.
How do we keep our floors so sparkling clean? Lots of mopping with our Norwex mop, deep cleaning with a steam cleaner, and by not allowing dirty shoes and socks on the floor!
Each student is provided with a clean pair of Pedestal socks before each class. That way students have a good grippy contact with the floor and a super clean experience!
Each student has their own cubby bench where they can change out their socks and shoes. This is also where they can store their personal items. Each bench has two cubby spots, so you can keep your water bottle separated from your shoes!

While all of this sounds like a lot, it’s all very simple and effective. Working out at Square One is still super fun and comfortable!

Square One Fitness - A clean and covid-safe gym
workout classes with safe space
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