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Square One Fitenss -  A Different kind of Group Workout Class


You know you need to move more…and you want to get fit…or at least not have things hurt so much...
But what are your options?


Personal Trainer at the local gym


Large group fitness classes, boot camps...


Small Group Personal Training at Square One Fitness

Personal Trainer at the local gym

Trainers in small group workout classes

Yikes! She’s using her neck WAY more than her abs…


Can be convenient


  • Can also be expensive ($65+ for each session)

  • Often this is in addition to a monthly gym membership ($$$)

  • While there are some amazing trainers out there, not all of them have the ability to know when to regress a movement or safely add weight, or know when a particular exercise might cause injury.  When I walk around the local gym I often see trainers adding weight to clients’ noticeably poor movement patterns, and it makes me cringe.

  • The number one goal of fitness is to keep being active – without injury! Despite the best intentions of many in the fitness industry, this is often not put into practice.

Large group fitness classes, boot camps...


Inexpensive (often just $10-$15 per class)


  • Can be crowded

  • No time / ability of instructor to provide individualized attention to your form

  • Easy to get caught up in the competition and over-do or injure yourself

Note: These classes may be appropriate AFTER you have learned how to move well and have built better body awareness (the goal of Square One Fitness).

crowded workout class
gym equipment nope
Gym Bros and Hoes, NOPE
Gym injuries - NOPE

Small Group Personal Training at Square One Fitness

High Five at Square One Fitness Classes
  • Classes are doctor-programmed (and often doctor-taught)

  • Lots of individual attention

  • Focus is on proper movement patterns and then safely progressing to strength

  • Small class size of 3-4 people

  • Fun and socially interactive, but not overwhelming (even for introverts!)

  • Constant attention is paid to how YOU are doing, keeping the level challenging but doable, and then progressing when your body is safely able to handle more

  • You learn about movement, why we are doing each movement, and how it can translate to your daily activities or sport

  • Moderately priced at $36-$55 per session

“I loved how you tailored the exercises and tried to give us all pointers individually”

resistance band with square one fitness coach
Strength and workout class at square one fitness
Square One Fitness Class

“This exacting emphasis on form was something I had never experienced before in any group fitness class, and I learned that many of the things I believed I would never be capable of doing were attributable to incorrect form: when my form was corrected, the task became easy.”

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