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Small Group Personal Training
The Golf Fitness classes build on what we've learn in our Foundations of Fitness and Smart Strength classes (dynamic core stabilization and joint centration).

The golf classes have a bit more emphasis on rotational movements, as well as timing patterns: elements that are essential for a good golf swing.

These classes are based on the essential movements taught in the TPI Golf Fitness certification.

If you are unable to attend the golf fitness classes at the times offered, you would still get a lot of benefits from the Smart Strength gym classes, as they have a similar foundation. In fact, before we added specific Golf Fitness classes, several of our Smart Strength attendees told us that their golf game had already been improving!

certified smart golf fitness trainer
Golf fitness classes


Make the most of your golf fitness! Before starting golf fitness classes, be sure to book a comprehensive TPI evaluation with Dr. Emily.

This detailed assessment and evaluation will help you pinpoint the exact areas to focus on. You’ll also be given personalized homework that will complement the concepts in the Golf Fitness classes.

TPI Golf Evaluation App for Smart Golf Fitness Classes


In order to move the ball well, you have to move well yourself!

There are a lot of moving parts in the perfect golf swing - ankles, hips, back, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. You. not only need good mobility, you also need stability!

  • Do you lack consistency and accuracy?

  • Could your distance and power use a little more oomph?

  • Is back pain keeping you from playing more often?

  • Do you enjoy golf less than before because it flares up your aches and pains?

You CAN hit the ball farther, with more accuracy, and with less pain.

It’s all in learning how to move what needs to move, and learning how to stabilize what

needs to stay strong.

This efficient transfer of force not only results in a better game, but a lot less pain.

TPI Pro certified for Golf Fitness Classes

Dr. Blair is the only TPI (Titlist Performance Institute) Certified chiropractor in New Mexico.

We offer a calm, thoughtful, and caring environment. Everyone is welcome.

Golf Ball

How it Works:

Initial Assessment

In your 90-minute initial assessment we will:


  • record your swing from both face-on and from down-the-line 

  • put you through a 16-point movement assessment

  • and then correlate your movement patterns to your swing characteristics

  • we will then prioritize what to address first

  • and you will be given video homework to improve that movement


Each client will be given a free CoachNow account, so that you will have access to your swing videos, as well as your video homework.  

You will also be e-mailed a full report of your swing characteristics and your movement assessment.

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