Fitness from the ground up



Ever start a fitness program only to get injured and discouraged?

Dislike working out in front of other people?

Are you in pretty good shape but still feel “disconnected” from your body, or feel that your “core” isn’t working?

Do you see older relatives who are dormant and out of shape and think “oh no, how can I avoid that fate?”.

Wish there was a personal trainer that you could trust to coach you from inactivity to fitness - in a quiet, comfortable environment?

Getting older doesn't have to be a bummer.

At Square One Fitness our personal trainers love working with folks who have fallen through the cracks.  You don’t necessarily want to be an elite athlete -  you just want to move better and without pain.  You want to age (gracefully) and maintain or increase your current activities.  

You don’t mind sweating your butt off - just not in front of a large group of strangers.

You don’t mind starting from the very beginning and building a solid foundation to grow on.

You’re not ready for boot camp, headstands, or marathons. Yet.

You want a personal trainer who encourages you, laughs with you, and who understands your challenges.

At Square One Fitness, we get it.