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The Strong Introvert

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Fitness classes and gyms can be an overwhelming experience for an introvert.

I used to work right next door to a small gym. I would get into my workout clothes after work, walk to the front door of the gym, look in, and go “nope”. Too people-y.

The internet has definitely helped the plight of the introvert looking to get fit. Online classes, endless information, and lots of opportunities to learn from some of the best.

However, what is lacking in this scenario is feedback. How is your form? Are you pushing yourself too hard, or not enough? Why does a certain movement hurt?

And honestly, these same questions could be asked in a large group fitness class as well (not that an introvert would go to one of those!)

Square One Fitness was created as a place where people can feel safe exploring movement. Where the trainers know how to make nuanced modifications to form. Where you will be educated and encouraged and empowered.

Our trainers are all super friendly, but also identify as introverts. We get it. Our classes are small, just 1-3 people. We don’t yell or crank the music too loud. We laugh and have fun and support each other.

The training space is spotlessly clean, with lots of natural light. It’s both peaceful and energizing.

If you know you need help with your movement and strength, but are overwhelmed by the idea of a traditional gym or fitness class, then Square One is your place. We’d love to meet you!

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