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Building Strength When 50+ : Where to Start

When we hit our 50s a lot of things start to change. Suddenly we notice that we can no longer just “power through” and be recovered the next day. Our life priorities can be shifting as well, perhaps the kids are grown and out of the house and we finally have some time to focus on ourselves a bit.

Another common theme for folks 50+ is that they see the challenges their parents are facing and realize that they don’t want to age like that! In fact, a common refrain of 50+ fitness class participants is “I don’t want to turn into my parents”.

These are the decades where “use it or lose it” come into sharper focus! But while we do lose muscle mass as we age, it doesn’t mean we can’t stay stronger as we get older. Building muscle mass can help with metabolism, energy levels, and osteopenia / osteoporosis. It can also help build confidence at a time when we may be feeling a bit “what the heck” about the changes that our bodies are going through.

The solution is simple, get out there and start moving! However, this can be challenging if other life priorities have kept you from a fitness routine, and you feel like you are starting from scratch. If the idea of going to a noisy gym with a bunch of 20 year olds is discouraging, and yet you don’t feel quite like chair yoga at the senior center is enough of a challenge, where do you go?

Fit mature older woman shows  off muscle mass

Square One Fitness hits the sweet spot for folks 50+ who want to start working out again. If you are truly starting at the beginning then the Foundations of Fitness Class would be a perfect place to start.

If you have some body awareness, or used to work out, then you should be just fine jumping into Smart Strength.

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