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Ankle Mobility

Are you looking for an easy way to increase ankle mobility? 

Obviously, some of this will depend on the ability of your knees and your hips! But if you have decent range of motion in your hips and knees, give this a try. 

You'll start by bringing your butt back toward your heels, with your toes tucked under, and then try it again with your toes stretched out. Alternate slowly between these two positions.

You can also add in some breathing. Think about lengthening your spine, pushing the ground away from your hands, and breathing nice and low into your thighs and pelvis.

When you're ready to get up, you can think about coming up into this position here and instead of just trying to get up, think about reaching with these toes, pulling this foot forward as you're pushing your back toes away from you.  It’s a totally different sensation of using the foot / ground connection to get up!

This exercise is a great way to build up your ankle mobility, which is so important for your knees and your hips, and your connection to the ground.

If you want to work with trainers that understand the nuances of movement and can help give you simple cues to guide you into efficient, strong movement, come check out Square One Fitness today. We are super excited to work with you!

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